Don’t Be Myzzled By This Blog….

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Tim Braun
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Does anyone else have a word that you KNOW is pronounced correctly when you say it – but everyone else in the world pronounces it differently?  But because of this mass de-pronunciation by 99.99999% of the world’s population, THAT is the pronunciation that becomes standard.  Approximately 6 billion to 1.  I’m the one – and I lose.

It all started at a very early age for me.  I was an avid reader – going to the library and gobbling up books like I now gobble up Big Macs and Whoppers.  I read anything and everything, devouring words, ideas and somisled2aking up any knowledge that I could.  But the problem with this method of learning is that when you’re eyeballing something on a page, you can’t hear someone pronounce the word correctly.  And when you happen to hear someone say a certain word your brain automatically links it with that spelling.  It’s all supposed to work like that – it’s how the National Institute of Things that People with Inside Knowledge (NITPIK) drew it up all those years ago when they invented libraries.  And speech.  And books.  And words.

So what’s my Achilles hell?  (Yes, grammar nuts, that was an intended pun….)

All my life I’ve seen and read this word with my own eyes:


And all my life up until a few years ago I pronounced it when reading:


It makes perfect sense really, all you 6 billion nay-sayers.  Instead of misleading someone, you myzle them.  I don’t know why the rest of the great unwashed don’t see it – but yet I’m constantly ridiculed for it.   It’s read the same as RISE isn’t it?  Yes, I know there’s no RISED (who am I kidding, I’m sure I’ve said that too) but it’s the same principle and should be pronunciated (yes, I know that’s wrong too, grammar nuts) correctly.

misled1Let’s be honest –  I said earlier that I pronounced it incorrectly up to a few years ago, but I still pronounce it as my-zled when I read it.  I know exactly what it means and I know exactly what the author means.  I don’t THINK I say it out loud to anyone, but I can’t promise you won’t hear me spit that puppy out at some point when I’m accusing you of lying to me.  And you know who you are.

So let’s start a movement here – let’s change the spelling of misled to myzzled right here and now.  Don’t conform to the overwhelming odds – be a man (or a woman, or a muskrat, or whatever) and stand up for the rights of the oft-put-down.

Stand up for the rights and don’t be myzzled by the grammar nuts amongst us.

  1. I love NITPIK. “Misled” is an awkward looking word, isn’t it. When I was a kid I had that problem with the word “bowl.” My brain kept thinking it should be pronounced like “owl” or “howl.” Even though as we all know, that pronunciation means something very different…


  2. David says:

    Seriously? This is just strange…


  3. Myzzled fo shizzle? Works for me. I am an English major, but still enjoyed adding “sadfaced” to my vocabulary. It’s as if I can see my English profs falling to the ground in horror around me.

    When I was younger, I read an entire book thinking the girls’ name was pronounced Foh-a-bee rather than Fee-bee. What’s with that spelling though? Phoebe? Really?


    • Absolutely! That’s the single strangest name in the English language. I’m sorry in advance though if you’re an English major and have decided to read this blog. For you see….I am not. But I do hate the word ‘drawer’, if that helps.


      • Drawer makes no sense. That’s like you’re drawing. And I’m an English major but my focus was most definitely not on grammar. I quite enjoy run-on sentences because they mirror my thoughts. You can tell on my blog.


  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Diane says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be anonymous. I proudly refuse to go along with your kooky suggestion. (I am aware that the word “kooky” invites a fresh discussion.)


    • You’re NEVER anonymous in my book. And your refusal to veer away from the norm marks you as ‘one of those kind of people’….is that really how you want to be remembered by your children? Don’t be myzzled. As far as “kooky” goes, that’s a blog all to itself.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Just found your blog and have been laughing for the past half hour. This one reminded me of me as I was an a avid reader as a child. My word was antique. I hadn’t ever heard it spoken and wouldn’t have recognized if I had because to me it was pronounced ” an t cue
    Love your blog Tim and will be following you. Loved the Britain ones.
    Joyce Dittman


  7. well my best friend says I-Ron for iron. which is probably how its supposed to be. But around these here parts, we say Eye-urn. I got to eye-urn my shirt. Yep.


  8. writerinsoul says:

    Hors d’oeuvres.


  9. […] wrote about my obsession with one of these words way back in 2013 – misled – and I regret to say that at this point three years later there still has not been […]


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