The Democratic Party is to blame for all of our nation’s troubles…

                                         <pause and duck the flying donkeys>

No, what I really mean is that the Republican Party is to blame for all of our nation’s troubles…

                                         <pause and duck the rambling elephants>

See what I did there?  What that’s called is pulling the reader in.  There is a comedian whom I follow on Twitter – Jim Norton – who has made a habit of doing this exact same thing.  He’ll send out a ‘hatred of Democrats’ tweet and just wait for the inevitable torrent of hate back at him.  Then 5 minutes later he’ll send out a ‘hatred of Republicans’ tweet and get the exact same torrent – but from his right side (your left).  It’s hilarious to read people just piling on him for absolutely no other reason except that they’ve been brainwashed into one way of thinking or the other.rvsd

I’m a very non-political person.  I vote for the person I like the best and don’t care what party he/she is.  I don’t vote for governors or state/local officials often because frankly I don’t pay much attention to what they believe in (and honestly I don’t see that they actually accomplish anything) – and don’t want to blindly just vote for one party versus the other.  Most people I talk to seem to feel pretty much this same way.


Our government is conflounded.  That’s a word that I thought I brilliantly made up – but apparently I didn’t.  It’s yet another piece of author’s gold that has come out of my mind that someone else’s mind had already come up with.  When I made it up, I viewed it as a combination of confused, confounded, and floundering.  Those three words describe the United States Government amoranst this point.  What are they even thinking?  You know what?  They’re NOT thinking…..

The Federal Government is currently in shutdown mode – but from what I hear through my main news source (my 15-year old son) it may be back up and running soon.  So while I wrote this with the impetus of the shutdown firmly in the front of my mind, it can apply to any NUMBER of things that the Federal Government just doesn’t get.  Debt ceiling and the National Debt.  Abortion.  You name it – they don’t get it.  About the only thing they’ve done right in the past 25 years is the introduction of sweet tea as a fast-food staple.  Now THAT was brilliant!  All of the other stuff?  Blech.

So what’s the answer to all of this filibustering, partisan politics, and politicians only in it for their own party or worse, their own GLORY?  How about Independents?  Wouldn’t it make sense if EVERYONE was an Independent and voted their conscience?  There would still be people on the far left and the far right, but there would be one crap load of a bell curve straight in the middle and they would tend to overwhelm the radical sides.  You wouldn’t HAVE to vote for something because your party told you to.

Currently, right this very little second in Massachusetts there’s a man running for Governor – Evan Falchuk.  He’s an Independent and he probably unfortunately won’t get many votes.  But he’s a good friend of mine, and by “good friend” – I mean I played Fantasy Baseball with him for 5 or 6 years.  I don’t honestly know what he stands for or who he stands by, but sure as heck I know that he likes a shortstop with a little pop in the bat and a relief pitcher that throws strikes.  We all need to get out and vote for him and Independents’ everywhere.  THAT’s where America should be heading.

And that, after all, is what America is all about.  Stop conflounding all of us, you politicians.  Just tell us who to take in the first round of the 2014 Baseball draft and we’ll take it from there.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I used to enjoy turning on the news as soon as I got up. Catching the days headlines while I get ready to work out is a way to jump start my brain AND inform myself. But since the shutdown, I dread it. To wake up the day of the deadline (come midnight tonight) and still hear no deal’s been reached made me want to crawl back in bed and bury my head. SO frustrating.


    • Yep. My son I mentioned has a History class every day where they show the 5 minute news headlines from BBC. He comes home every night and gives me the 30 second version. That’s all I need and all I can take. M


  2. Isn’t the fact that the protestor in your photo can’t spell the word he wants to use for the idiot politicians evidence that the voting public is at least as dumb as those they keep re-electing? Sigh.


    • Exactly my point in putting it there. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the visual references. :-).

      It’s just a mess. And now they’re talking about doing the whole thing over again in January. Sheesh.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just getting to this one – nice reference! Can I send it on to Evan or have you already? I like the bathroom blog better, but that’s just me.


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