Today marks the actual one year anniversary of the “Flying Here In the Middle” blog.  We’ve laughed (hopefully), cried (doubt it) and expressed sincere concern.  We’ve come together in this ethereal atmosphere we call the internet and shared the crap out of our feelings.

Expressing concerns and sharing feelings.  Marriage counseling all over again.

To celebrate this milestone (not marriage counseling), let’s take a look back at some of last year’s highlights.

There have been 66 posts so far in this year, but only approximately 25% of them mentioning McDonald’s Sweet Tea.  Any post about McDonald’s pales in comparison however to the one that I did about my disdain for Wegmans Grocery Store.  I not only received the most comments, the most views and the most filibustering about it – I also was truthfully offered a spot in a lawsuit against Wegmans from some obviously unhappy former workers there.  I didn’t take the offer – seeing as how I really never had any problem with Wegmans and have never worked there.  I really DO hate Wegmans – I just have no true reason for the hate.   That’s kind of my blog-take on everything.  A sample of search terms that real live people used to find my Wegmans blog and enter my odd mind:

From December 16, 2012 until today:

“I hate wegmans”  (by far the most popular way to my blog of ALL search terms for ALL topics)
“I hate working at wegmans”
“hate wegmans”
“wegmans haters”
“I hate working at weg”  (didn’t even get all the way through the word)
“hating on somewhere” (sufficiently vague, eh?)
“I hate trying to shop at wegmans”

As you can see, people far and wide have hated Wegmans with good reason.  Here are the next highest search terms by which people came to find my blog:

“Commingled recycling signs”
“blue people of Kentucky”
“pinking salve”
“croissant gone bad”

They all seem sane.  But you also get the oddballs that found the blog using these actual search terms:

“maraschino cherries make me sick”
“a paragraph about otherness”
“annoyed at word dongle”
“fly found in rice cake”
“are mcdonald parfait cups recyclable” (one of my favorites incorporating TWO of my main topics)
“cats with bad haircuts” (yes….someone actually googled this and no….i have no idea why it would lead to my blog)
“wiper speed and human personalities”
“crease in middle of chin” (??????)
“mri socks underwear”
“ein grosser graublauer vogel” (?????)
“pound of snot” (I would love to see the person that googled this)

And my personal favorite:

“eisss fjvjas fkkked”

Doesn’t that just about summarize this blog perfectly?  It fits all of the logic and knowledge that I’ve spit out on you over the past year in a clear and concise manner.  Congratulations Google Searcher whoever you are.  You’ve captured my heart.


So what’s coming for the next year?  One word – Costco.  I may hate them more than I hate Wegmans.  I’ll go in depth on why in a few week, but first I have to muster up the courage to actually go visit them again.  Ugh.

In conclusion, THANK YOU to all who have supported this blog for the last year with ‘Likes’ and your comments.  It is more appreciated than you will ever know.  Every time I get to the point where I wonder why I’m doing it, I get a really nice comment or email thanking me or laughing with me (or laughing AT me – it doesn’t matter….).  So thanks for supporting and I look forward to another year of oddness.

I now have a Facebook page devoted solely to this blog.  Go to my new Flying Here in The Middle Facebook page and give it a ‘Like’.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’ve never heard of Wegmans so I guess I can’t be a hater. On the other hand, I don’t spend that much time thinking about grocery stores.

    “pinking salve”?—What’s up with that? Sounds a little concerning if you ask me…

    Congrats on the one year mark!


  2. Sharon says:

    Excellent work son! You are an awesome writer and can make the mundane very interesting. Congrats and thanks for the giggles.


  3. Happy Eisss Fjvjas Fkkked! It feels like I’m writing in Norwegian or something. It’s too bad we don’t know more about this searcher. I also want to know about the searcher wondering about the croissant gone bad. I wonder if this person is suffering because of their experience.


  4. writerinsoul says:

    I’m really glad you didn’t quit before I started blogging! Much excellent, laughing/snorting had.


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