Breaking News: DJ Spins the Disney Magic

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Tim Braun
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As mentioned in a previous episode, we recently spent a week in beautiful, sunny Florida.  We had a fantastic time and I wish every single one of you could have accompanied me on my journey.  Just the thought of tIMG-20140127-00019he hundreds, if not thousands of you sitting on this beach with me and my family warms the very cockles of my heart.

That hardly sounded sarcastic.  My wife would be so proud.  However, for every beautiful picture and every lifelong experience I had while I was in Florida, there were also those times that provided valuable fodder for this blog.  That very thing happened to me during an evening visit to Downtown Disney.

Before I get into the meat of the issue, I want to state up front that I know that several of my acquaintances actually DO this ‘job’ in question either full-time or part-time.  If they take offense at this blog, they are free to rebut this and write their own blog about my job and I will be happy to publish it with absolutely no editing.  However, there comes a point when every serious journalist has to draw their line in the sand and let the chips fall where they may.  That day, ladies and gentlemen, is today.

The job/hobby/position in question can be summed up in two letters.  DJ.

disneyI’m not talking about the standard radio disc jockey that you would hear on any station in the United States.  I’m talking about this newfound position that seems to have developed over the last 10-20 years of someone who stands at an ‘audio station’ at parties, nightclubs and mitzvahs (both bar and bat) and ‘spins tunes’ while throwing random sounds and random blatherings between the songs.

This job has now become internationally recognized – with a former ‘Jersey Shore’ guy now doing it full-time and being named one of the up and coming ‘great DJs’.   Even the music industry has gotten into it, with the latest hit song ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii not featuring (and I will say, not even really crediting) the actual SINGER of the song – Aloe Black.  To me?  I think anyone with a beat in their head can stand behind the players and ‘spin records’.  I’ve done it since I was about 4 with my Fisher Price record player.  And yes, I played music backwards and scratched the crap out of the records even way back then before it was cool.  I even blathered.  A lot.  So is a DJ being paid good money the biggest cover-up since TWA Flight 800?

Back to Disney Downtown.  Here’s the fantastic night-life scene that was generated by the DJ (the one standing behind the ‘audio station’ with his DJ hoodie).  I would suggest that you print out this series of pictures in beautiful Technicolor, staple them together, and create your very own flip book.  That’s what I do here – I provide you not just minutes of entertainment reading the blog, I provide you and your children hours of entertainment with cut-out fun.






You can see in these pictures the amazing skill that this Disney-hired DJ exhibits.  He has the ability to captivate a crowd, suck them in to his entertainment atmosphere, and transport them to a world of his making.  This is shown to full degree in the single, solitary dancer that’s having the time of his life in front of the stage.  He could not be having more fun and honestly IS transported by the Disney magic this DJ is weaving.  But the guy next to him in the one picture talking on the cell phone with the stroller?


The Magic hasn’t touched him yet.  Nor has it touched anyone else in the picture obviously.

The next time you go to a wedding or a nightclub, take a look at your ‘record-spinner’ and watch their style of Magic happen.  You’ll be undoubtedly impressed by their skill to weave a tale with music.  For those of you whom I’ve offended?  Just remember that I was the one who wrote about getting stuck in a bathroom stall.  That should make you feel suitably superior to me.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Love the solitary dancer. Maybe he’s paid by Disney, hoping he’ll inspire others to kick up their heels with him. Apparently in this case, he didn’t…


    • I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that the possibility of him being a paid dancer never occurred to me. Of COURSE he’s a little Mouseketeer or whatever he call themselves these days. Brilliant!


      • Carrie Rubin says:

        Maybe he’s like those people Disney gives credits and other freebies to to walk around wearing Disney merchandise and toting their products. Honestly, I have no idea whether Disney does that or not–seems to me they wouldn’t need to–but I’ve just heard rumors.


  2. Why are you not getting more likes? I think you are absolutely hilarious!


  3. mabukach says:

    Looks like he’s doing the fresh prince dance, the “Carlton”. Funny stuff, Battle. Strollers, everywhere! *shudders.


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