I don’t get a lot of things. I could make a list of things I don’t get and you would undoubtedly be somewhat entertained. In fact:


  1. Why anyone would talk about politics in a social setting.
  2. Why anyone would then talk to above person about politics in a social setting.
  3. Why there are politics to discuss.

See? I bet your brain was somewhat tinkled by my list. I’m a giver and always have been.

This blog isn’t about politics however – it’s about something else I just don’t get. That something is:

Tribute Bands

I think probably all of us were introduced to the idea of tribute bands by the various Elvis impersonators out there. At my age, I always thought Elvis impersonators were just making fun of some guy in a white sparkly jumpsuit and weren’t trying to be serious. However, as I’ve adulterated (side note – that really SHOULD mean that I’m getting to be more of an adult…) I’ve come to discover that some of those people are, and I’m not elvismaking this up, dressing up in a white sparkly jumpsuit to PAY TRIBUTE TO ELVIS. With much aplomb and all seriousness. This amazes me.

One of my former co-workers was a drummer in a Bob Seger Tribute Band. I’ll let that sink in for a second. Not only was I amazed that he found it necessary to play drums in a band (he was like 60), but also that he had found 4 or 5 OTHER Silver Bullet fans that were equally motivated to play in the band. Don’t get me wrong, I like me some Bob Seger, but why would I ever pay to hear a bunch of people play his music and attempt to copy him directly? Couldn’t I just sit in the comfort of my living room and put on a CD and have a much better experience?

The other day I went on iTunes to buy some Garth Brooks songs. Another side note – aren’t you amazed at my musical diversity? I remember one day I went to Target years ago looking to buy some CDs and walked out with three ‘Best of…’ CDs. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and….drum roll please….ABBA. Diversity – it is amongst me.

Anyway – back to Garth Brooks. I went on iTunes to find some songs of his to buy. I found a couple but didn’t notice that it was actually from the CD ‘A Tribute to Garth Brooks’ – and not from Mr. Brooks himself. Apparently Mr. Brooks has a running battle with iTunes and won’t let them sell any of his music because they insist on being able to sell it by the song. To quote Mr. Brooks loosely, “I don’t want to sell my music by the song – I want people to buy the whole album so that they can hear the whole stream of thought that went into it”. Apparently, “I Got Friends In Low Places” has a deeper meaning to it than I gave it credit for. I’m sure he’s not losing too much money by being artistically stupid.

ANYWAY, so I listened to the song I bought from ‘A Tribute to Garth Brooks’ and it was kind of more like “Garth Brooks has a cold and tries to sing his songs as only he can do iBeatles Tribute Bandt, but you can still tell that he wasn’t quite feeling well”. That’s right – an immediate delete was performed quickly and efficiently. That’s $1.29 I’ll never get back.

Obviously, some people do like Tribute Bands because they’re popping up all over the place. Just this week, I’ve seen ads for a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band (which is even odder since he’s still touring) and of course, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands. I’ll have to admit, there was a long evening in Atlantic City, NJ a few years ago that I spent in a theatre watching a Beatles Tribute Band. It wasn’t horrible – but I found it odd that after the show they were out signing autographs. Were they signing as John, Paul, George and Ringo? I don’t know. But there was a line of people waiting for fake autographs from fake people. Or real autographs from fake people. Or real autographs from real people playing fake people. I’m honestly not sure.

THIS JUST IN. While doing “research” for this blog I stumbled across possibly one of the greatest ideas for a rock band – combining my two loves into one band. Ladies and gentlemen – I present to you GABBA!


They are described as a London-based tribute band performing ABBA songs in the stripped down punk style of the Ramones. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m now whipping out my iPad and heading to iTunes immediately.

Isn’t this better than talking politics? Of course it is.


  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Ugh, I’ve fallen for those tribute bands on iTunes, too, thinking I was getting the real deal. Took me two times before I learned my lesson. So that’s $2.58 I’ll never get back. I suppose I shouldn’t admit that. Fool me once and all…


  2. CD says:

    Well, I’ll be damned…..my version of ‘I Got Friends In Low Places’ is actually sung by Clint Black. Who knew?! To the country crowd, is that akin to Michael Jackson singing a Prince cover? Just asking…..


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