A Paranormal Happening: Virginia Edition

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Tim Braun
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Paranormal Case File:            05-103014-2205z
Date:                                       October 30, 2014
Timing of Event:                     Approximately 2139z – 2205z
Location:                                 Atop Bull Run Mountain, Virginia


As an avid nature lover who is constantly at one with the environment and its synergies, I have had the great privilege of being able to place high-tech trail cams around the upper stretches of Bull Run Mountain in Northern Virginia. This has resulted in some spectacular shots of bear, coyote, raccoon, deer, bobcat, turkey and a stray moose that took a right turn in Vermont. However, nothing prepared me for what I discovered this morning lurking in the nether bowels of my trail cam digital repository.

To set the stage, this trail cam is located at the far Western end of an ancient Bigassawoman Indian Trail at an estimated altitude of 1,324 feet above sea level. The trail cam I’m using is a Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 with a trigger speed of 0.21s and a recovery time of 0.9s. Setup is very user friendly and I normally get 29-30 pictures on one load of batteries. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking for a good quality trail cam, look no further than the trusty HC600.

This particular late afternoon that these pictures were shot – October 30, 2014 – was an afternoon like a thousand other Fall afternoons in the afternoon of a Virginia afternoon. It was after noon. The weather was slightly foggy and a little misty. A day like so many others yet an afternoon like none other. Did I mention it was the afternoon?

I wandered up to the trail cam this morning to see what was captured, expecting it to be the typical deer and fawn, or two playful squirrels chirping their way through a late afternoon nut snack. I got the camera memory disk, brought it down to my computer and found the following stream of pictures. These are unedited, unaltered….and completely confirm my belief in so many things that I can’t believe that I actually captured them. I may be famous soon.

This is the picture taken at 2135z. Note the creepy background, yet the incredible sharpness of the camera. You’ll also note the absolutely SILENCE of the picture and the fact that not a creature is stirring – not even a mouse. This particular shot was tripped by an unseen and unheard force.


The next picture was snapped at 2143z. If you look closely, you’ll see the beginnings of a small light coming out of one of the trees. This is not an aberration of the camera or the sun – this was actually on the digital image. This is the event beginning to occur as the spirit attempts to gather enough energy to manifest itself here on Earth.


At this point my hand is shaking as I look at the next picture – timed at 2148z. The spirit is now a tiny shadow figure and has emerged from the light after beginning to transform into a human shape.


2153z – The figure has either gotten much closer to the camera or has grown tremendously in size. To compare with a normal person, the tree stump on the left comes to my waist – so the figure is now appearing to be completely human size.


2200z – The figure has filled out even more in these 10 minutes, showing what can only be described as the spirit of some type of female creature – a spirit that fills men with a deep fear and insecurity of their own self worth. A spirit that men desire to possess, but a spirit that knows no possessions or desires. My whole body trembled as I realized what I was seeing.


My last picture before the camera batteries wore out. It’s 2205z and the damp, Virginia afternoon is sinking into an ink black darkness that can only be described as sucking and absorbing all light and sound. As I nervously paced waiting for the picture to load, my mind flashed back to the time growing up that I had those gross orange circus peanuts one May weekend – and threw them up so violently the next morning that I KNEW that there had to be something paranormal involved. The picture finally loads. It’s everything I hoped for.



Now I know what you’re thinking. She’s not dead. But once she became engaged again after that trollip Brad Pitt dumped her, she became dead to millions of men out there that thought they had a chance. She came here to the top of a mountain in Virginia to show all mortal men what we were missing and what we had no chance for.

She had come to cast off her Pitt-like chains and Jolie-like jealousies and show the world what she’s made of.

And ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer Aniston has proven her point.

Microphone drop.

Happy Halloween.

  1. Loved this!! I am going to show this to my husband- he will appreciate the image. I think for a time he thought he was one of the millions of men who had a chance when she was single 🙂 If there was a possibility of such a ghost appearing, I am sure he would be scheduling many more hiking trips.


  2. Bwahaha! When I got to the second para I even googled Bigassawoman – and apparently there is indeed a Big Assawoman Bay somewhere.


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