A Climactic Anticlimax – Video Game Edition

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Tim Braun
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I’ve written about this before – and Lord knows I’ll probably write about it again – but something really needs to be done about this issue, and it needs to be done fast.

I’m talking of course about the ending of video games. I worked two jobs, night and day, for months to be able to afford the game ‘Blockwick’ on my iPad. It wasn’t the wasted $1.99 that bothered me – because frankly I was entertained for almost six months trying to finish every level and gather every ‘pearl’ that I could. No, what bothers me is that the other night I finally finished Chapter 12, Level 20 as shown here:


Right? Pretty darn awesome is what you’re thinking, I’m sure. And don’t think for a minute that Chapter 11, Level 19 wasn’t a big fat hairy blob of crap that I had to wade through night after long night. I mean – I had to WORK for this. I put my sweat into this sucker and deserve all the credit possible.

So I finish the final level as shown above and what do I get?


I finish your whole game and you want me to RATE it? No thank you sir…. I need instant gratification and when do I need it? NOW! I click the ‘No, thanks’ option and am presented with my reward! Here it is – the culmination of all those many hours of hard work. Will it be a free game? Will it be a secret bonus level? Will it be a NEW CAR???? No.


What the hell does that even mean? “…restored order to the vaults of Blockwick”? What vaults? What are you possibly talking about? To make matters worse, the designers slap ‘DONE’ right there in the middle of the screen to ensure that you don’t think that there is anything else exciting about to happen.

So what was I expecting? How about a 12 second video of fireworks? How about the “Good Lord of Blockwick” slowly walking out from the side of the screen and giving me a royal high 5? How about SOMETHING, ANYTHING?

Oh. And it was a great game. Highly recommended. How’s THAT for an anticlimax?

  1. hapidays88 says:

    Perhaps there should be a spoiler alert on this blog as I am currently on the last level and now know how to solve it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    And here I thought only books had chapters. Lovely to learn video games do, too. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. writerinsoul says:

    Man does not live on exclamation points alone! (I count 5 of them in the last 3 game messages!) They think they can reward people with *punctuation*?!

    Liked by 1 person

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