Ears, Aliens & Indiana

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Tim Braun
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I honestly think I’ve written about this subject before but quite frankly I’m too lazy to go back and check. So this will be like one of those TV shows that replay the exact episode from a couple of weeks back and add some popups with ‘editor comments’ here and there. They sell this as a new episode with never before seen footage and insight. And you (i.e. me) sit through the whole thing again.

So welcome to:


To be fair to me, there has been valuable information that has come to my attention that is a true game-changer. No longer can we live in our tiny little brains in our tiny little world and think that all is as it seems. We now have extraterrestrials, a government plot and the state of Indiana involved.

It all started when I was born. For some reason, I was marked at birth or soon thereafter by someone or something putting a singleear hole hole above and to the front of my ear. Not a ‘hole’ per se, but an indentation. This is NOT a Preauricular Ear Pit (PEP) as it has commonly been diagnosed. These PEPs are actual holes that GO somewhere – as boldly and disgustingly explained by an anonymous internet patron:

“The strange thing is, sometimes whenever I press my finger below the hole, a small amount of fluid (about the quantity & consistency of pus from a pimple) comes out. I know, sounds gross. It usually never hurts or anything like that. I just press my finger, and a little bit of fluid comes out every once in a while.”

Ugh. I swear to you, I have nothing leaking from above my ear. This is an indentation only. A marking, if you will. And you will. One on both sides of my head. I just assumed that it was some genetic birthmark or something – as my brother has one, his son has one, my son has one….we are just apparently weird like that. Or so I thought.  I’ve even heard that they were remnants of gills from our evolution.

Then this weekend happened.

indianaScene setting. Random graduation party. Random conversation with random person. I knew this person however (since small-talking with strangers would be ridiculous) and knew that they were from Indiana originally like myself. We were standing there talking and she kept looking at me kind of oddly. Believe me, this is nothing new for me as that is normally the standard look I get and not the exception. She finally said, “I didn’t know you had holes above your ears too….”

My heart stopped. My bones chilled. It all came together. She had holes too. We were both from Indiana. My brother was from Indiana. It was like all noise in the room suddenly stopped as the realization of what we had just figured out hit us. There WAS something going on in Indiana – and aliens were involved.

Need proof?IN_ufo1

  • We lived not TOO far from Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH and visited the museum there several times as kids. Wright-Patterson AFB is widely known as the destination for all of the alien bodies recovered in UFO crashes in the last 50 years. They even supposedly have several of them still there in tunnels underneath the facility.
  • When I was about 10 years old, my whole family (less my brother) saw an obvious UFO flying above our house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Quiet, stealthy and bright. Just disappeared into thin air. It was a big, bright cigar shaped object and it was NOT an airplane, swamp gas, the planet Venus, or anything man-made. Were they checking on their alien spawn?
  • Whitewater Lake, Indiana – 1965. I repeat – 1965. Not coincidentally the year of my birth. A person met with a Colonel at Wright-Patterson AFB and was told of a UFO crash in Whitewater Lake, Indiana where a small, 2-man craft was recovered with the aliens being held in an artificial environment. He stated that the craft was damaged by an electrical storm.

So as can easily byIN_ufo2 seen by even the most skeptical reader, there is a true and distinct correlation between UFOs, aliens, Indiana and ear holes. We as yet don’t know the reason for these indentations, but can only assume the nefarious plot that the ETs have planned. Does the fact that I have two indentations and others only have one signify the ranking of importance? The first to be exterminated perhaps? The one most likely to figure out the whole plot?

I’d like to think that I’ve been marked by an alien species. That would be a great story to pass down to the grandchildren. And to think, all exposed because of a random meeting at a random graduation party. The aliens would have never thought that our paths would cross but due to random chance and random luck – the jig is up.

Batten down the hatches boys, she’s a-gonna be a howler….

  1. Ummm …. noooo … I’m pretty sure you ARE an alien. And when they’re ready, they’ll send a message through the ether and antennae will pop out of those holes and you’ll suddenly have all sorts of super powers.

    And then you’ll extrude a proboscis and inject the rest of us with liquidizing chemicals and suck out our insides.

    Charming. Just charming.

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  2. writerinsoul says:

    This goes a long way to explaining things does it not?

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  3. tina says:

    im in indiana… just south of ft wayne.. winchester.. have you noticed all the servaline our skies have at night? silent bomber jets.. all night long.. on a schedule.. low and slow… you can see the belly of the jet even.. at night… i noticed last summer.. i thought maybe practise.. but still everynight.. all night.. on schedule…


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