French Toast Crunch – The New Waffle Crisp?

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Tim Braun
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I would be perfectly happy in life if I was given the option to have breakfast food for every meal of the day. Be it cereal, scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles – it doesn’t matter. Every single delectable morsel of breakfast nectar trickles its way down your throat to make your stomach unbelievably happy. What? I didn’t mention the numero uno breakfast food you say? It’s my favorite, so I’m saving it for last. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you French Toast (capitalized to signify its dominance over other breakfast foods.)

French toast is the Filet Mignon of the dawning of the day. The perfect food, the perfect blend of savory and sweet – of crunchy and soft – of wet and dry. So imagine my delight when I came across this plate of French toast this morning:


Looks great right? Nice browned toast edges with flecks of cinnamon in the bread. Everything you’d want in a toasted piece of French you’d ever want.



It’s not French toast at all. IT’S CEREAL! That’s right French Toast Crunch is back (the box even says, “You asked, it’s BACK!”) You can imagine how fast I grabbed that sucker off the shelf and suckled it all the way home until I could sample the perfectness of the confection. I fried up some bacon, got my Wisconsin syrup (made in China) and prepared the fabulous plate:


OK, that may not have been the best way to prepare it. I quickly gave the bacon to the whimpering dog next to me and poured a huge healthy bowl of FTC (as I like to call it) toasties (as I like to call them) and doused the toasties with the appropriate amount of skim milk. I like to be healthy like that.

The toasties went in crunchy and hung with the appropriate level of soft/crunchy throughout the entire eating process. The benchmark cereal for this crunchy-soft texture is the King of all Cereals – Honeycomb – and I will say that FTC stayed right up there with them. So bravo to them for that.

The taste? It clearly says on the box “Bursting with cinnamon & syrup taste” and you know what? You slip one of these suckers into your mouth and the cinnamon and syrup does indeed burst in your mouth. So bravo to them for that.

So overall how do they rate? I’d give them a solid 7.5 spoons on a scale of 1-10 spoons. The only downfall I have with them is that they are MUCH like their breakfast cereal brethren – Waffle Crisp – in that approximately 38 minutes after finishing them you start to feel slightly upset in the stomach area. If you can live with that, then I say GO for it and experience the joy of French Toast Crunch. I mean after all – YOU asked and THEY brought it back.

And before anyone posts the comment – the answer is yes. I DID take the time to actually stack three toasties of FTC all for the sake of this blog. You should have seen my dog staring at me like I was an idiot. NOW who’s the idiot, Mister.

  1. Ugh, cereal… 😦
    Now real french toast, made with bread and eggs freshly squeezed from the buttholes of our own hens, slathered with real butter and drenched in marmalade … THAT is indeed breakfast!

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  2. This is perfect. I literally burst out laughing when I saw the picture with the bacon. Honeycomb is way better, though.

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m not too tempted by cereals like these. But I haven’t had real French toast for a while, and now you’ve got me craving it. Guess I’ll be heading to Perkins this weekend…

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  4. you are the ultimate food critique in my eyes. Forget the restaurant reviews and all that- you are willing to meet us on our level- a bowl, a spoon, some milk, and a pre-packaged, sugary, boxed item. Now that is a meal i could use a review for. Thank you for this service 🙂

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  5. writerinsoul says:

    Ahaha! “Wisconsin syrup (made in China)”. Love the photos too. What you won’t do for us…

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