The 2016 Presidential Elections: A Crapload of Idiots

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Tim Braun
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I have Conservative leanings in some aspects of life. I have Liberal leanings in other aspects of life. I tend to vote for the candidate I like best, regardless of party. As such, I’m offended when I’m standing at the polling place getting ready to do my civic duty and some Democrat or Republican volunteer comes up to me with a sample ballot with THEIR candidates already checked. I would think that would be offensive to anyone whsealo has a brain. I always ask for an unmarked ballot and they look at me with their little volunteer puppy eyes and say they don’t have one.

Are people really that stupid to just blindly vote for a particular party without thinking and without even knowing the person? Obviously the answer to that question is yes – but is it because people are really just too lazy to analyze every single candidate and what they stand for?

This isn’t my normal ‘light-hearted, love sweet tea’ kind of blog. This is me whining. Now some of you would say that isn’t really that different from my normal blog, and you wouldn’t be far off. But normally I try to avoid being too offensive to anyone and tend to steer away from ‘serious’ subjects such as politics, racism, sexism, or just about any other –ism you can think of.

However, I’ve reached my limit. I think I hit the tipping point last evening when I was for some reason trying to watch the Republican debates. Each and every candidate was a debacle of numbers, facts, and sound bites trying to get on the news the next morning – but what really bothered me was that CNBC was running tweets along the bottom of the screen during the debate showing how ‘people’ felt about the candidates. It was there that I met my Political Waterloo.

trumpThe following tweet came across from someone (can’t honestly remember their name):

“Donald Trump has been AWESOME tonight! Sharp, engaging, powerful”

I paused the TV and rewound back to that tweet crawling. I read it again and again trying to find the punch line – thinking that maybe there was a sarcastic smile popped in there somewhere. But no, it was deadly and scarily serious.

Has this country really come to the fact where even 25% of the population thinks that Trump would be a good, valid representative of this country? We’re perceived as a bunch of whiny, manipulative capitalists by the vast majority of the world – so hey, let’s put the exact stereotype of an evil America in the most powerful OFFICE in America. Who could honestly think that this was a good idea? Even if he doesn’t win, it’s sobering to me as a free-thinking person that someone would ponder his candidacy and return the verdict that he was, indeed, the best choice.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT just Trump-bashing. Every single one of the Republican and Democratic candidates can be summed up in one emoji:


I have never been so disheartened by the candidates in an election. Why are there NO good alternatives out there? I’ll tell you why – because the media, Congress and all of Washington have made it a job that no one that could actually do a good job would even consider. Why would you work two years for a job where you are nothing but brow-beaten and criticized for every decision you make, every bill you pass, and every statement you utter? No wonder we’re left with the detritus of Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Carson, and all the other minions.

This election sucks and I have no idea who I could even possibly want to kind of like to sort of maybe vote for. I don’t see that changing over the next year and frankly, I’m pissed about it.

Funny…no. Frustrated….yes.


  1. I will limit my comments to a few things. Yes, I agree. And it is not 25% of Americans. It is 25% of Republicans, which is only half the country, so thankfully, we are only talking about 25% of half.

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    • Alas – you are correct on your numbers. 25% of the Republican party would vote for him which makes only 10%-15% of Americans in that group. This is why I don’t put numbers in my blogs 🙂 Thanks for the correction.

      However – that 10%-15% scares the crap out of me.

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  2. Autumn Sky says:

    Absolutely, 100 percent agree and sympathize. Not only would a rational-thinking average American not want any of these jobs, but a truly thoughtful person would not want to pander to the public’s endless need for reality-TV-type entertainment and cheap shots in campaigns. This whole process started too early. We need a representative sample of the American population in Congress . . . and a person in touch with reality in the White House though given those tweets, maybe that isn’t a great idea either.

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I hear you. You are not alone. And I think you’re right about why we end up with these characters: not many decent individuals last very long in the rat race that is politics.

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  4. I agree with your posting. I really liked the phrase “little volunteer puppy eyes” true. On a completely different note, after your “Permanent Waver” posting- I now make it a point to wave to each and every one of my neighbors. We just moved and I was to get off on the right foot (or hand)

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  5. writerinsoul says:

    Yes – I’m worried about anyone with the ironclad ego necessary to go the distance. Seems to be the definition of a narcissistic personality. Look who we’re attracting to the job. I never thought Trump would get this far. Didn’t I hear Kanye West mentioning a future run? The public’s adulation of celebrity is leading to scary possibilities. I bet more Americans could identify Kanye or Trump than Joe Biden. And recognition alone is a big influence on people’s choices.

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