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Posted: April 28, 2016 in Tim Braun
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Random thoughts and concerns pop into my head with alarming consistency. Instead of going on and on about one of these thoughts and boring the crap out of the reader, I am gathering several of these seemingly random nuggets and gathering them into a virtual potpourri of goodness centering on one subject. Will this still bore the crap out of the reader? Of course, but at least you can be bored for a much shorter duration – with the hope that the next nugget will interest you.

Which it won’t but…

Today’s gathering of nuggets center around the media and advertising. A veritable nest of goodness waiting to be picked, unlike the Lavender Farm that my daughter recently visited that had – at last count – zero Lavender sightings. But that’s a blog for another day.

Media & Advertising Topic #1

The people that forecast the weather. I could go on and on about them every single day but recently had the lucky opportunity to catch this recent weather graphic:


I understand that warning the public is vital to the community hive – and I appreciate the weather guys the 7.32% of the time that they are actually correct. This graphic however spouts that there is ‘Severe Weather Threat’ in the offing for Tuesday evening – but if you look at the chart, there is NO risk of tornado, very low risk of flooding, and low risk of high winds and hail. To me, that is exactly the opposite of a ‘Severe Weather Threat’ that the headline is espousing. To my great surprise the weather guy was totally blowing everything out of proportion to attract viewers. You can imagine my delight all day when I would talk to anyone they would be changing plans because of the severe weather, or just telling ME I should change plans. To bring closure to this story, here was the view out my window Tuesday evening when the non-storms were supposed to be rolling in with no winds, no hail, no flooding and no tornadoes:


Media & Advertising Topic #2

I can’t stand watching videos on the Internet. However, there are times when a ‘MUST-SEE’ video pops up on one of the sites I visit that actually sucks me in to its web. I move my mouse pointer cautiously over the video, hit play, and BOOM:


Why exactly would I want to see an ad? Has anyone ever, EVER bought anything or thought “Wow…I’m sure glad I saw that today so I know where to buy my medicine for Chroningen’s Syndrome” It’s the most pointless use of money, bandwidth and time since the Great Boston Bean Disaster of 1957. No one watches it, no one cares – and if you’re like me you avoid ever going to another video just to avoid the ads. At least they are only 15 seconds or so, correct? Nope – look at this one. FOUR MINUTES!!!!


Media & Advertising Topic #3

Has anyone noticed the growing trend of radio stations to name their studios? The “Burger King Hamburger 104.5 Studio” and the “Preparation H Hemorrhoid Cream 101.3 Center” have grown on this listener’s radio dial like fungus growing on a wet sock. Again, totally pointless but I do have to give some credit to the radio boss that came up with the idea of selling one little bit of airtime to a client – at least they were thinking outside the box.

The other day I was listening to a show, and I had to skip back to hear what I thought I heard. Here is the dialogue as I heard it (with names slightly changed because I don’t want to give ANYONE any free air time.

            ANN1 “And now, from the Croff-Malcolm Jewelry and Fine Watches Broadcasting Studio, here’s weather and traffic on the 1’s”

            ANN2 “Thanks John, your Goodday Tire and Auto Center Traffic Report shows <blah, blah, blah>. Melanie – how’s the weather today”

            ANN3 “Thanks Ralph, your Maryfield Garden, Flower Planning and Landscaping Weather forecast is…. <blah, blah, blah>. Back to the Croff-Malcolm Jewelry and Fine Watches Broadcasting Studio…”

By the way, Melanie reported that there was a severe weather threat for this evening. Wake the kids and phone the neighbors.


  1. I agree with all of these! Every time you do a “weather forecasting” blog, I always flash back to the one about how weather forecasters in your area tell viewers how to dress for the weather each day:umbrella, boots, sun-protectant clothing, and so on. I just don’t think our weather forecasters here are up to the level you experience in your area.

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  2. writerinsoul says:

    If only they’d add “raining toads” to that weather chart or something a bit more interesting. I am waiting for the day actual towns have sponsors, since everything else does.

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