Last evening I watched the last of our children walk across the High School stage to get their diploma. My son, who graduated, is very much like me in many ways – handsome, intelligent, and insanely perceptive as to the ways of the world, just to name a few. He’s literally a chip off the old blockhead. Interestingly enough, my daughter is Capturea exactly like my wife in many ways, which makes for interesting dynamics in board games, food selection, and the love of fluffy puppy pictures

Anyway, my son graduated from High School last night and will be heading off to college before we even realize it. So I thought I’d share for posterity the differences and similarities between he and I so that all my friends can bombard him with these things when they see him. The interesting thing is that he won’t read this for at least 50 years. So it’s like a time capsule. See….he has never ever read one of my blogs, despite their obvious appeal, and therefore this will come as a complete surprise on that day when he finally decides he needs to see where the Great Writings of his father actually started. It will be like finding the long lost 35th Symphony in B Flat of Ludwig Von Beethoven stuffed away in a box in the attic.

So let’s compare some of the most important issues between the two of us. My ideas, which are obviously correct, and his opinion of the same ideas (at least my perception of his belief):

Item #1 – Bigfoot
Me:        Real as rain.
Zach:     Dad’s an idiot.

Item #2 – Aliens
Me:        Obviously real.
Zach:     Of course they’re real, but they haven’t visited Earth.

Item #3 – Me Seeing a UFO When I Was Seven
Me:        Real – cold winter night; Fort Wayne, Indiana; cigar-shaped object
Zach:     Dad’s an idiot.

Item #4 – Loch Ness Monster
Me:        Used to semi-believe, but now am doubtful.
Zach:     Please. Don’t be an idiot.

Captur1eItem #5 – Kennedy Assassination
Me:        Massive plot. No idea who – but ridiculous to think one person could do it.
Zach:     Hedging a little on this one lately. Open to the possibility, but no proof.

Item #5 – Roswell UFO Crash
Me:        Obviously true. Too many witnesses and facts have emerged.
Zach:     Dad’s an idiot.

Item #6 – TWA Flight 800
Me:        Conspiracy – read the books and you’ll see the facts.
Zach:     I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Item #7 – President Donald Trump
Me:        Please America, don’t be an idiot.
Zach:     Please America, don’t be an idiot.

So there are seven of most of the pressing issues of the day and the comparison between the two of us. He’s a brilliant kid who is in to history and science and makes his mother and I proud every day. My only hope is that when he reads this on June 7, 2056 he suddenly understands that everything I said above has been determined to be true.

Until that day, my son, I look forward to seeing what you become and that you always remain open to ideas and theories – no matter how stupid they may seem when you first hear them. When you find out that Bigfoot is actually an Alien that flew over Fort Wayne, Indiana in the mid-70’s all will become clear.

  1. When I started reading this, I thought you were going to be comparing issues between you and your son such as life goals, college choice, hobbies, etc. I should have known you would get right to the major factors that confront (and divide) us all- bigfoot, loch ness monster, UFOs. As charged topics of opinion and difference, I think these rank up there with politics and religion. 🙂

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    • And they are so much more crucial than politics! I recently interviewed a college grad for a position and the first question I asked him was his position on Bigfoot. It tells me a lot about a person on how they answer that – and I don’t care the position. Just their attitude towards the question. Life’s too short.

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  2. writerinsoul says:

    Not Nessie! I want Nessie. And crop circles. Those two.

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