Humuid Today? Sleeves? Help!

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Tim Braun
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It’s rare in today’s world that blog material is literally thrown at you on a daily basis. I don’t have to work at it, I don’t have to struggle with writer’s block, and I certainly don’t have to put much thought into it. Those are three key points that just scream “Success!!!!” to me.

I get that jolt of mental floss every time when I turn on the local weather. Now keep in mind that I probably only watch the weather for 2 minutes a day and maybe only 2 days per week – and you’ll see that vast amount of material that must be out there waiting for the intrepid reporter to grab if they just grab their remote and wait. This particular feature of the local weather I’ve watched twice this week and both times have presented me with an opportunity for commentary.

I’ve written about this feature before obviously, but these two (further) examples of ‘reporting’ just left me slowly shaking my head in exasperation. Does the viewing public really need this type of guidance to get on with their mundane drudgery of the day? Are we that dumbed-down as a species that we need this type of ‘select-a-thing’ type of weather reporting?

Example 1 of this type of reporting is this fine, college-educated (I presume) gentleman explaining to us what we need to wear today based on the weather expected.


I didn’t capture the screen shot where the choices of ‘Sunglasses’, ‘Sunblock’, ‘Sleeveless’ and ‘Shorts’ were selected unfortunately – but some 18-year old college intern has apparently decided that the entire population should be wearing sunglasses and shorts and going to work looking like this:


Fine – we’ll all dress like this. I’ve never been told to ‘wear sleeveless’ before. Maybe we need to have a ‘What NOT to Wear’ today graphic as well saying “Sleeves”. For some reason that makes more sense to me.

Example 2 is yet another example of a ‘selection screen’ that tells us what type of weather we will be experiencing today. It’s dumbed-down to the level of Facebook-speak, which I’m sure is a direct shot over the bow to their target audience.


Of course the first thing I notice is that Elmer – the 18-year old intern mentioned above – has misspelled ‘Humid’ in the first line, but that lack of quality control won’t stop ME from getting the most out of this screen possible. It’s going to be ‘Sunny & Nice’ today and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

I can just imagine the conversation around the old ice-maker at work this morning:

Bill:         “Did you go on the Facepage thing this morning?”

Jane:     “Do you mean Facebook?”

Bill:         “Whatever – did you see the picture of Sluppy the Puppy pushing a shopping cart with a hamster wearing a top hat?”

Jane:     “Wait – who was wearing the top hat? Sluppy or the hamster?” I saw a hamster wearing a top hat but not sure if that’s what you mean…”

Bill:         “No, it was Sluppy. He’s cray-cray. Did you see the video of the cat playing with the pickle?”

Jane:     “Um….no. Hey, do you know the weather forecast for today”

Bill:         “Yep – flipped on the local weather this morning – it’s supposed to be nice.”

Jane:     “Nice?”

Bill:         “And sunny. You shouldn’t even need to wear sleeves….”

Jane:     “Creep.”

  1. I love the phrase “to the level of Facebook-speak”. I am going to begin incorporating that in my conversations. 🙂 As you know, I love these postings about your helpful local weather people. I always think that perhaps they believe their primary viewing audience are 8 year olds left to their own devices to prepare for the day.

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