Ross, Rachel, and Her Dirty Butt

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Tim Braun
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My honest to goodness hope in life is that I can pass on every one of my pet peeves to my kids. That should be the goal for every parent I believe. None of this “Oh, I hope he/she is more successful than me” or “Oh, I hope that he/she becomes a better human being than me” crap.

No, what I’m looking for and attempting to pass on are the dislike for the words ‘moist’ and ‘drawer’. I hope that they despise people that wear sunglasses around the back of their neck. I pray that they will look askance at the person talking on their phone in the middle of a restaurant. I desire that they take umbrage at concerts when the band tells everyone to ‘stand up’ or ‘put your hands together’. All of these things, and so many more, are the legacy that I want to leave to my children.

So what brought these ramblings to the forefront of my mind? This recent situation that occurred:


Many years ago on a bright, sunshine-filled day, my father wandered home from a hard day at work and immediately started complaining. He had been at a McDonald’s earlier and the lady in front of him was letting her kid sit on the counter while she ordered. It never registered as particularly annoying to me at the time, but as the years have passed and my patience has grown well, less patient, this same situation has reared its ugly head many times.

In this case, Ross (to protect the stupid) has let his/her daughter Rachel (to protect the disgusting) sit on the counter while ordering at Starbucks. It’s disgusting. However, it was worse approximately 30 seconds before this picture was taken as Rachel was sitting FULL-ON on the counter, with her legs and feet all akimbo on the surface. Apparently she enjoyed the coolness and smoothness of the counter top, and felt a need to scrape her smarmy rear all over it for OTHERS to enjoy.

That’s all I have. It’s yet another pet peeve that hopefully my children will reflect back on someday and share with THEIR kids. Until then, keep your damn kids off the damn counter. Act like a human being that DOESN’T own the world.

Thank you.

  1. This is so, so wrong….

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  2. LMAO! ROFL! Or is that ROCL?

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  3. writerinsoul says:

    If I was the employee behind the counter, I’d make a big show of sanitizing the whole thing the moment stinky butt was removed.

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