Free WIFI Passwords Here!

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Tim Braun
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In my current role as an “IT Professional” I am lucky enough to be a recipient of multiple emails daily about companies trying to sell their various “IT” services. No, actually I’m swamped by these emails. No… deluged. Bombarded. Flooded. Besieged. At least 10-20 a day from people that I don’t know hawking their various software solutions, help desk aids and functional IT things that I honestly have no earthly clue as to their intent or purpose.

“Thank you for looking at our Multi-Dimensional Help Desk system software that is guaranteed to produce Agile methodology functionality without the paradigm shift of having to go through multiple iterations of compartmentalized software…”

Most of these IT emails are accompanied by some random happy group of IT professionals that entice you to use their distinguished and formal services:


However, today I got one that made me actually stop and consider whatever service this group is selling. Instead of the normal, boring ethnically diverse mix of well-suited professionals, I get this:


I could sit and break down this picture for hours, but this company is basically renting their people off to unsuspecting companies as “IT Assistance” despite:

  • Complete lack of any ethnic diversity (Company motto: We hire you if you’re white!)
  • Complete lack of any age diversity (Company motto: We hire you if you’re young!)
  • Complete lack of any ‘ugly’ people (Company motto: We hire you if you’re not hideous!)
  • Possible bottle of liquor being held by random white attractive girl on far right (although it may be a badge)
  • Complete lack of any font or type size standardization in their message (No design experience needed!)

But the main reason I had to stop and look at this picture of IT professionals a second time?

Take a look at the whiteboard between Elmo and Justin over on the right side of the picture. There, for all of us with that desire to look at every detail of every picture lives some words that make every IT professional shudder. Some little nugget that just screams security, professionalism and trust.

That’s right – they have clearly posted their WIFI password to their internal network on the whiteboard and have now sent it out to thousands of “IT Professionals” across the world.

Sign me up!

  1. I am not sure which picture sold me more, but boy, seeing the second group’s cheerleader-like opening “We’ve got spirit, yes we do!” got me really thinking that should also be their e-mail sign-off and outgoing voicemail message. That is something I really, really value in our IT group at work- their spirited approach to my desperate “Help me!” e-mails.

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  2. writerinsoul says:

    You’re sure this isn’t a dorm party?!

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