The Day This Blog Went Awry

Posted: August 4, 2016 in Tim Braun
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I have a love/hate thing going for words. Let me say up front that I realize that words are necessary. Well, not necessary MOST of the time, but for a solid chunk of the day words are a fairly important part of life.

Mr. John E. Language (the E standing for English – whom these very words I type are named after) did a fairly good job of creating an easily-understood method for translating all of those weird sounds that others utter into something that even people like me can understand. However, I think there were a few late nights when he was sitting in front of the fireplace smoking his pipe with the dog sprawled on his feet when he decided to cause just a little mayhem among normal people like you and I. Maybe it was the cognac speaking, maybe it was just out of sheer boredom after creating so many words like cat, hand, and junk, but for some reason he definitely had the urge to throw us a curve ball on a few of his creations.

I wrote about my obsession with one of these words way back in 2013 – misled – and I regret to say that at this point three years later there still has not been any resolution to that issue. I would have thought the followers of this blog would have funded a Kickstarter project or something to get things moving along that front but it looks like you folks will need a Kickstarter right in your Kick-taker to grasp hold of the importance of the issue. So to further salt the cucumber, I’m adding yet another one of ‘those’ words to the argument.

To be clear, I’m talking about a word that when you READ it to yourself, you pronounce it differently than when someone actually SPEAKS the word. In my mind, there are actually two words. Yes, they mean the same thing, but they are spelled differently, pronounced differently and ARE different. In the case of misled, when I read the word I actually READ ‘myzzled’. I always have. Now we have yet another one of these.


I have always READ this word as ‘awwww-rheeeee’ with the emphasis on ‘awwww’. I knew exactly what it meant so I’m not aCapture complete moron by the way. However, imagine my shock and horror when I realized that English-language people the world over are actually pronouncing it as ‘uh-rye’ with the emphasis on ‘rye’.

It makes no sense and I can only assume the lack of vowels input into awry shows a charming wit on the part of Mr. Language. It’s like he created the word and then just chopped out half of the letters to make it fit onto page 43 of the dictionary without it spilling over into page 44. Could he just hv been a visionary & strted abbrev words lik we do 2day in txts?

Regardless, I wish I could explain how much of a light bulb moment it was for me when I determined the two words were the same. Was I ashamed that it took me so long? Of course.

How could I have been so misled and let things go so awry?

  1. I think you are right, it’s the lack of vowels in some words that make pronunciations go awry 🙂

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  2. I hear ya. When I was a kid my mother would sometimes have reason to declare, “I have had E-N-U-Double-UFF!” It took me the longest time to learn that she meant enow. (That’s how you pronounce enough, right? To rhyme with plough?)

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