Debbie Does Popcorn

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Tim Braun
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In what seems like an eternity ago, but in reality was just a malformed, misshapen mass of gooey election crap ago, I dutifully reported on the attempts of a co-worker here ‘at the plant’ to poison us with her evil ways. In that episode, I caught “Debbie” red-handedly leaving us poisoned candy under the guise of “Oh….look at me and how sweet I am…” I thought calling this so-called “Debbie” out would end these shenanigans verging on hooliganism dead in its tracks.

Imagine my surprise when just a couple of months later I walk into the very same office kitchen and am roundly assailed by the following site:


Two (2) opened bags of Communist popped corn gaping open on the community table. Imagine the hands that have gone into these bags and have grabbed a handful of kernels to pop in their mouth. Even worse, then imagine that same set of hands after popping that handful of kernels in their mouth taking the plunge AGAIN into the same bag – literally double-dipping the digits. It’s a vision that is etched into my mind – especially knowing the habits of some of my plant co-workers.

Now I’m not specifically saying that “Debbie” was responsible for this second attack. However, I’m not saying that she wasn’t. If in two months I see another attack on the good people of this commune then I’ll know for sure that this is a concerted plot by the Communist Party to undermine all that this fine country stands for.

Life, Liberty and the Non-Sharing of Food.

  1. I can only imagine your look of horror when you stumbled upon this sight. Where others see a generous offering of food, you see it for what it really is 🙂

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