The Magic of Huck – Bathroom Art 101

Posted: June 14, 2017 in Tim Braun
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In one of those odd twists of fate that only the universe can answer to, I have been blessed with the ability to stumble across fantastic pieces of art that most of the world walks calmly and appropriately right past. Because of my artistic eye and amazing powers of observation, I am able to discover these jewels and quickly and decisively determine that they need to be shoved right in the view hole of the World population. This is a service that I provide – and a service that I enjoy providing. You’re welcome in advance.

So we’re in a small, quiet Central Virginia town at a moderately modern little bistro. Nothing too fancy, but definitely better quality than your typical small, quiet Central Virginia town restaurant. The walls have some paintings on them – some with ‘Not For Sale’ stickers on them and one somewhat confused little painting with a $550 tag on it. I helped them out by drawing a little dot between the two 5’s – for which they were very grateful apparently (since they wanted to call the police to show off the handiwork) for my sharp-eyed catch.

As one is want to do in a small, quiet Central Virginia town restaurant, I found the pressing need to adjourn to the ‘little chef’s room’ down the hall. There were two of these unisex bathrooms marked equally for men/women so in one of those lucky twists of fate I chose the far door. Went in, and as I was standing there in this 6×6 room casually looked over to my right. Our eyes met and for a moment the aforementioned World stopped spinning. We were just two guys finding ourselves in a small room together sharing a moment. I stared at Huck (for that is what I’ll call him) for a long time. Here is what grabbed my attention and my heart in this unisex bathroom in a small, quiet Central Virginia town restaurant:

I mean, this wasn’t a small painting – this was a full-blown, life-size depiction of Huck sitting on a toilet. Was it supposed to be motivation for what I was doing? Was it supposed to provide a guide for smaller children on how to perform this act? Was it just supposed to be full of mirth and whimsy and make you feel like you’re at home?

I slowly backed out of the bathroom with Huck’s eyes following me every step of the way. I went back to the table and shared my experience with my fellow diners in case they hadn’t gotten to experience “The Magic of Huck”. Imagine my surprise when they asked if I had been to the other bathroom. Now I couldn’t just go back and go to the other one since I had just gotten back so I quickly enlisted the aid of another fellow diner to go in to the first bathroom and take a picture. This is the result of that visit:

Scarlet isn’t quite as intimate as Huck to me – but I can see how some of you out there would prefer it. Regardless, I have several issues with this artwork as well – for example, is this a man or a woman? Why is David Bowie posing for pictures? Why is there a random box of Trix there? I do notice however that there is a roll of toilet paper in the picture – so obviously this artist (assuming that both bathrooms were festooned by one and the same) has quite the product line going with Charmin.

I walked out of this small, quiet Central Virginia town restaurant with a newly charged taste for art. I feel that Huck, Scarlet and I shared a moment that most others will never get to experience. I challenge you, dear readers, to find these obviously valuable pieces of hidden talent wherever you can. Whether it be a small bistro on a dusty country road, or a bustling deli in the middle of a big city – the only way you are going to find these hidden gems are to keep your eyes open. You never know what you will go to the bathroom next to.

  1. Linda says:

    Is that a glass of wine next to the Trix?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Every time I read your blog, I sense this surreal aspect to your life- like you keep tripping into an alternative universe-as you try to rationally explain all that is happening:)

    Liked by 1 person

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