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Which day do you consider to be better – DE Day or DB Day?  Personally, I love the freedom of DE Day to let my hair flow wildly through the wind and to run carefree through the woods skipping and carrying on.  Nothing can stop me on DE Day!


DE = Data End

DB = Data Beginning

Yesterday was the 23rd of the month – the traditional end of my monthly billing for my 2GB data plan.  I happened to look at the phone yesterday morning before leaving for work and I had onlydata usage used 25% of my allotted data!  What was I – a heathen?  So yesterday was FULL of music.  I listened to streaming music on the way to work, listened while stuck in traffic on the way home, listened while I was AT work, listened while I was at home and sleeping, listened while I was cutting the grass, and most importantly listened while I was playing golf.  It was a veritable streaming-palooza here and I’m the better person for it.

Now today is DB Day.  My chart says 0% and my head is full of planning and conniving to ensure that I don’t go over my allotted plan.  It’s very stressful – managing this amount of responsibility.  Right now I’m sitting in silence – allowing my data to rest and save itself for August 23rd.

You may scoff at my cheapness, but I’ll be the one on that beautiful Sunday in August dancing around willy-nilly to Pandora.  You’ll be sorry then.