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Nothing more really needs to be said – except that probably we should consider not just signs, but more exactly everything since “everything” is exactly what tends to cause confusion in the old belfry of mine. This blog is dedicated to just two of the more recent examples of confusion-causing situations that I’ve run across recently.

The first example is not really a sign per se, it’s more of a LACK of a sign. I give you the eternal door of confusion:

Let me just point out the layers of confusion on this door. First, the ‘Automatic Door’ sticker. No, it’s not. It does not open when you walk up to it automatically. You have to press a button of course, which then makes it NOT an automatic door. The sticker should really read ‘Automatic Door if you press a button over there that’s way out of reach by the time you actually GET to the door and then moves so slow that you could have gone for coffee and gotten back by the time it actually opened’. I guess that’s too long for a sticker.

That’s not even my real problem with the door. If I’m walking up to it there is no indication whatsoever of which side of the door opens and which is hinged. The push bar is exactly the same on both sides. I’m sure there are some of you out there that will start yammering on about the window being on the left or the right or blah, blah, blah. You are the same yammerers that will talk incessantly about the highway signs showing the exit number to the right or left to show which way you exit off an interstate, or the little arrow on your fuel gauge in cars that show which side of the car your gas tank is located on. Yammer away yammerers.

So how do I handle this melee of door confusion? I always let someone else go first. Simple as that. However, if I’m by myself I typically ram my head into the wrong side first, and then realize it’s the other side that I should be pushing on. What’s even worse is trying to open the door FOR someone… that’s a non-stop laugh riot when they are trying to go out the wrong side as I try to open the wrong side. The eternal dance of the door.

Anyway, as I was musing about the above door my family and I were out on a pleasant stroll around a local pond. We were traipsing joyously through the assorted dales, plains, and valleys when we came roundly up to this sign:

Hmmm. That seems ridiculously broad doesn’t it? Are they basically saying that all of life is basically at your own risk? If that’s indeed their point, then bravo to them for pointing this out and refreshing in all of us a true balance that needs to be practiced every day. Or is this done for insurance purposes? If someone was walking along this path and they suddenly were smashed by a flying saucer that had left their home planet due the rising level of Hydrochloroxide Number 3 (not to be confused with 1 or 2) would the path-owners then be covered because they had a ‘sign’?

I’m confused.