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Over the past year I have made a conscious decision to stay off of Facebook as much as possible. I still go on every few weeks or so just to make sure no one is messaging me there or something, but other than posting ads for this blog, I have completely and totally sworn off of it. Same with Instagram.

One of the reasons is because I really don’t care what some random person in Missoula, Montana thinks about the current situation in the Middle East. What social media has allowed us to see is NOT the “access to the pulse of the nation and the world” that they have promised. What it has in fact given us is “the stupid unfettered, unedited, and unpurged negative viewpoints of the great unwashed”. That should be the new slogan for Facebook, by the way. Now, some very negative people (not ME of course) may assume that the actual pulse of the nation and the world IS the stupid unfettered, unpurged and unedited negativity of the great unwashed. But that certainly isn’t me.

In addition to just dumb, negative opinions…. we have the people that have turned literally insane now that they have access to a keyboard and an audience. You know that you all have friends that are like that. Completely normal to your face and the rest of the public, and then they get in front of the computer screen and they’ll post their rants and ravings on Facebook like they were the Third Crown Princess of Uzbekistan. I ran across an example of this last week when I went on to post my last blog update:

Here is the screen capture:


I don’t really need to comment on this – but I’d love to know how she ‘re-charges with her array of 2 doubles with 9 coils’. PLUS a quadruple, her new HUGE one. Or maybe I wouldn’t. I’m not really sure.

What’s even scarier is that she had a reply. And this reply may be even scarier than the original. Here you go:


Yes. That’s correct. This group is apparently planning for the overthrow of the world. If the world had a government to overthrow. Which they don’t. But I guarantee you that they will start with Missoula, Montana.

The great unwashed indeed.